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Water Damage Repair

Water is the source of life. Water is a necessity that we cannot live without. However, water causes damages as well. Floods have destroyed countless material possessions and houses. Fortunately, most of these things can still undergo restoration.

What kind of damages can water do?
Water can rot wood, corrode steel, create water spots on porous surfaces and do many more. Every year, millions of dollars worth of properties are wasted because of water damage.

What causes water damage?
Unwanted water flow can come from different sources such as foundation cracks in the basement, broken plumbing pipes, water overflow in washing machines, dishwasher leakage, clogged toilets, leaky roofs, and floods due to bad weather conditions.

What is water damage repair?
Water damage repair is the process of restoring the appearance and functionality of certain things. These things range from small items like furniture to large structures like buildings and houses.

There are several water damage repair methods that are available. You can find most of them in DIY water damage repair tutorials online or by asking a water damage repair and restoration services professional. Also, depending on the material damaged or affected, you can call a specific water damage repair specialist. For example, your carpet was soaked for 48 hours or less. You can always call your carpet cleaning service instead of a general water damage repair company. They should know how to clean and treat your carpet with more detailed care. For mold infestation, it is better to call mold removal services than an all-around cleaner for guaranteed total removal of molds and mildew. These specific problem-oriented companies have been in their business for years. They are certified professionals in their industry.

Before even attempting to do water damage repair, the source of the water problem should be fixed first to prevent recurrence of the same problem. So fix the leaks first, then the water damage repair. If there wasn’t any floods recently, you may call in repair technicians and plumbers to find the source of water that causes the damage. You can do this for residential and commercial settings.

Not all home insurance companies include flood protection and water damage repair in your home insurance. In that case, you need to find and contact a quality water damage repair contractor in your area. It is not cheap to get this done so try to look up companies that provide affordable but quality work with good customer reviews and testimonials.

Basement Waterproofing FAQs

If you live in a flood-prone area you should apply basement waterproofing. Basement waterproofing is an important way to keep your basement and foundation dry and intact. More than half of new homes with basements will experience a water problem during the first few years until owners finally decide that something has to be done to avoid such a problem.

What Is Basement Waterproofing and Why Do I Need It?
If you really understand the value of the foundation of your home, basement and its contents, you will invest in basement waterproofing. Basement waterproofing is a step that is taken to repair damages in the basement and improve the functionality of walls of the basement to withstand water pressure that may cause seepage in the interior. Basement waterproofing is a very helpful solution to a basement-flooding problem that weakens your foundation. Damp porous and non-porous materials can also accumulate moisture which can provide a perfect home for mold to develop. If you always have to deal with wet basements and nasty crawl spaces, it is time to call basement waterproofing service contractors.

What Causes Water Problems In The Basement?
Several factors are responsible for flooding a basement. These include exterior pressure from water, foundation cracks, poor yard drainage, poorly designed gutter system or damaged gutters and downspouts, and sewage back up. These are just some of the many causes of basement flooding.

Can I Waterproof My Own Basement?
If you have had prior experience of basement waterproofing or if you think you have the skills of a good handyman, then you can do your own basement waterproofing. If not, then you should contact a contractor to help you repair or enhance your structure.

How Much Would Basement Waterproofing Cost?
It depends on who will be doing the repair. If you do it yourself, you will save money from labor costs. That will run you about $200 to $1000 for materials. If you have a professional do the basement waterproofing, they might charge you $500 and above, maybe even up to tens of thousands. The cost of basement waterproofing all depends on the extent of repairs needed.

What Are Some Well-Known Companies That Offer Basement Waterproofing?
There are several companies that provide quality work and services when it comes to basement waterproofing. Companies like AquaGuard Basement Systems in Atlanta, Rainy Day Basement Systems in Washington, and Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing in Maryland have established a good name in the basement waterproofing business. Call a contractor today to get a free basement inspection and cost estimate.